About - LachlanDev

I am a full stack developer, working on multiple open source projects, mainly backend using Node.JS and Mongodb. I have created a range of Discord BOT applications allowing me to become a Verified Discord Bot Developer.


Over the years I have picked up on many skills as a Developer using a range of Languages and Tools!




Virtualization / Containerisation

Cloud Computing

Web Servers



Here is a small list of projects that I have worked on, this is not a complete list many projects I have worked on might be private or have not be listed here. Check out my GitHub account for more!

Discord BOT Dashboard

Discord BOT Dashboard is made to make Discord BOT Development easy, designed to create applications without having to write a single line of code.

Discord BOT Dashboard - V2

Discord BOT Dashboard V2 is the successor of Discord BOT Dashboard, updated with an advanced UI and plugin / theme support.

GitHub Stats

An Open Source Discord BOT that gets in depth information about users and repositories on GitHub.

Snags Supplier

Snags Supplier is a Discord BOT that sends random images of Sausages (Snags) to your desired server.